successfully reconnecting artists and record labels with their unclaimed royalties, worldwide


Don't be left out

Many performers are unaware that if they have contributed to a recording, they may be entitled to royalties. Recordings must be registered correctly to ensure royalties can be claimed

Is your song playing anywhere?

Whenever your recording is played on the radio, in shops, at the gym, in pubs, clubs & on jukeboxes – it generates royalties

Time to collect

These royalties can be matched & collected by Absolute Rights Management on your behalf via our direct relationships with PPL & various international collection societies

Tailored To You

Our service is tailored to each performer and label and gives you the peace of mind that your royalties are being taken care of

Detailed Breakdowns

You will have access to detailed statements with breakdowns per recording and territory

Stress-Free System

We aim to take the stress out of Neighbouring Rights & provide you with your royalty income in return

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